The company SILWOOD SINGLE-MEMBER Ltd. owned by Nikolaos Soufleris, trading as “Silwood LTD”, established in 2 Dimitras &Er. Stavrou Str. Larisa, owning a branch store in Volos, in 105B Pagason Str., welcomes you to its webpage, Through this webpage, our company’s products are advertised and promoted. The user may buy those products through the webpage under the terms described hereafter and which the user fully and unreservedly consents to.

1.How to order

A.On-line orders

Browse our electronic store and choose your desired products, easily and safely twenty-four seven.

Purchase products fast and simply by following the steps below:

  • After finding a desired product, click on “Add to basket” next to the product photo.You can continue shopping and make further purchase in the same manner.
  • When you have completed your “add to the basket” step, click on “Cart”
  • During the completion of your order, you are asked to enter your user name and your password if you have already signed up. Otherwise, you are asked to sign up at that point. You may also complete your order as a guest.
  • In any case, whether as a registered user or as a guest, you must enter all the required fields: full name, address, telephone number, email, etc.
  • Then, you choose a shipping method as well as a payment method.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with your order.

B.Telephone order

  • You can place an order via telephone calling 2410-250429 / 6944623263 (Larisa)  or 24211-81047 (Volos) during business hours daily. You can place a telephone order either by mentioning the product code or the description next to the product on our web page.

Please note that the company’s stock may differ from the available products on our webpage.SILWOOD Ltd. guarantees that we will try to timely update our webpage on the product availability.

2.Payment methods

Paying for your order can take place in the following ways: bank transfer, credit/debit card. The company hereby publicizes its Piraeus Bank bank account for banking transactions:

  • ΙΒΑΝ :GR 5501726060005606064079631
  • Bank Account:5606 – 064079 – 631

Relevant Legislation:In accordance with the Law N.4446/2016 article 69 §2 that has modified article 20 §3 of the Law 3842/2010 “Taxation elements/data/records of a total amount of five hundred (500) euro or more, issued for sales of goods or service provision to individuals, are to be settled by their recipients – the buyers of those goods or services- strictly with the use of card payment means or other electronic means of payment, including but not limited to bank transfer, payment account, electronic wallet.Cash is a forbidden payment method for those elements.”  Thus, orders of a total value higher than 500 euro including tax and further expenses shall be settled in one of the aforementioned payment methods.

The products on the SILWOOD SINGLE-MEMBERED Ltd. webpage are offered in retail prices including VAT.

The company has the right to modify the prices of its products. Any modification shall not affect any existing orders under process or those already shipped.

Please send us a copy of the bank transfer via e-mail at | (Larisa) (Volos) or contact us via telephone as soon as your payment is settled so that the shipping procedure can start.

All bank details are confidential and we guarantee the safety of your transfer via an encrypted and safe communication/connection.

The user/subscriber is solely responsible for the true and accurate register of the credit/debit card details used to settle the payment. For safety reasons, the company shall not store any credit/debit card details for future use (neither electronically nor in writing), thus the user/subscriber must re-enter the card details every time they place an order.Upon entering the required credit/debit card details, the user/subscriber explicitly states that they bare the legal right to make use of the credit/debit card.

The company bares no responsibility in case of illegal use of credit/debit cards.The provision of the credit/debit card’s details states the user’s/subscriber’s consent to the blocking of the amount of your order/purchase and the debit of your account in case of the realization of your order/purchase.In case the payment via credit/debit card is rendered invalid by the bank or the credit/debit card network, for whatever reason, for example  exceedance of the credit limit or suspicion of fraud, the user/subscriber is considered as never having placed an order/purchase in the first place.

Payments take place through a safe environment (SSL 128 bit encryption) SSL technology is based on a key code for the encryption of the data before those are sent through the SSL connection.The safety check between the data and the Server takes place via a unique key code, ensuring the communication to the fullest.SSL protocol is supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and their use is recommended for browsing Silwood’s webpage.

Protection of personal data

Your data processing takes place according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 (EU).For further information on the processing of your personal data you may refer to the PRIVACY POLICY section of our web page.For more information please click here.



Product returns are valid within 14 days from the shipping or the delivery date and following consultation with our company.

The products may be returned only if their original packaging is in an excellent condition and it has remained unopened, unharmed, unspoiled and has suffered no additions.

The products’ shipping expenses are borne by the buyer and are to be sent in their original state and packaging, enclosing the Return Slip if the buyer is a business or enclosing the receipt if the buyer is an individual.

In case of commissioned products manufactured according to specific standards or products explicitly customized by the Buyer that are not validly delivered/picked up by the Buyer (within 60 days), SILWOOD Ltd. bares the right of retention of the down-payment, as the down-payment is the Buyer’s guarantee that they shall accept delivery of the product that has been modified, set up or manufactured following their own commission.

* In case of products temporarily out of stock, you shall be immediately notified via telephone call or email, as the delivery time may vary.

*SILWOOD Ltd. reserves the right to modify the payment methods and the shipping cost without any prior notification.

Exceptions from the right of withdrawal (returns)

The right of withdrawal does not apply and the buyer cannot exercise this right in the following circumstances:

  • For products that have been commissioned by the Buyer according to specific standards or are explicitly
  • For products that, following their delivery, due to their nature, are inextricably mixed with other elements.

4.Shipping and shipping cost

Product shipping takes place in cooperation with transportation companies.

The shipping cost is to be decided by the transportation company depending on the size and weight of your product order.For your convenience – following your request and as long as you do not already cooperate with a transportation company of your choice – we can contact carriers and notify you on the shipping cost of each order, as long as we are provided with the exact delivery address as well as your total order.The shipping cost is borne by the buyer upon delivery of their products.

For all orders, product delivery takes place on the sidewalk. A delivery on a building floor should be pre-designed and its cost may vary.

Order delivery time

The delivery time varies depending on the product and the workload of the transportation company.It is common practice that the carriers set a 7-day period as delivery time.

The aforementioned deadline is not valid during extreme weather conditions periods or strike periods and in case of force majeure.

In case a product is delivered broken, you should notify us in writing via email and attach relevant photos within 24 hours from the delivery. Otherwise, the products are rendered intact upon delivery.

5.Right of withdrawal

For your right of withdrawal, you must notify SILWOOD Ltd. in writing or via e-mail at | (Larisa) For reassurance reasons, SILWOOD Ltd. will notify you with an acknowledgment of receipt of such a withdrawal as soon as it is available.

You can reserve your right of withdrawal even without justification within 14 calendar days upon delivery (when it comes to products) even when there are many products in a single order from the first to the last one of them.When there is an obligation of delivering several products at regular intervals since the first drop, the costumer reserves the right of withdrawal for the whole order.

This withdrawal defies justification and bares no charge. If the order has been delivered the buyer must return the product exactly as it was delivered, along with all its parts and all the documents that it came with and the package being in perfect condition. The return is accepted only on condition that the buyer has completed the full payment of every amount charged to our company for shipping the purchased product, as well as the shipping cost for its return.

The buyer is liable for diminished value of the product resulting from the use/handling of the product in any manner other than what is necessary to establish the nature, qualities and functioning of each product.

In case the right of withdrawal concerns provision of service, the costumer is liable for paying the respective sum of the manufactured goods until the right of withdrawal has been filed.In case the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal, any connected contract expires immediately, at no cost for the customer.

Refund based on the right of withdrawal

In case of return based on the right of withdrawal, refund takes place in one of the following manners, depending on the means used to complete the payment in the first place:

  • by canceling the charge/debit on your credit/debit card.SILWOOD Ltd. notifies the bank on the cancellation of transfer so the bank will take any necessary action based on its contract with the customer. Upon notification of the bank, our company is not liable for the time and manner of the reversal regulated by the aforementioned contract.


  • by refund through a bank transfer to the client’s account.The refund takes place within 14 business days at the latest.