Product shipping takes place in cooperation with transportation companies.

The shipping cost is to be decided by the transportation company depending on the size and weight of your product order.For your convenience – following your request and as long as you do not already cooperate with a transportation company of your choice – we can contact carriers and notify you on the shipping cost of each order, as long as we are provided with the exact delivery address as well as your total order.The shipping cost is borne by the buyer upon delivery of their products.

For all orders, product delivery takes place on the sidewalk. A delivery on a building floor should be pre-designed and its cost may vary.

Order delivery time

The delivery time varies depending on the product and the workload of the transportation company.It is common practice that the carriers set a 7-day period as delivery time.

The aforementioned deadline is not valid during extreme weather conditions periods or strike periods and in case of force majeure.

In case a product is delivered broken, you should notify us in writing via email and attach relevant photos within 24 hours from the delivery. Otherwise, the products are rendered intact upon delivery.