Product returns are valid within 14 days from the shipping or the delivery date and following consultation with our company.

The products may be returned only if their original packaging is in an excellent condition and it has remained unopened, unharmed, unspoiled and has suffered no additions.

The products’ shipping expenses are borne by the buyer and are to be sent in their original state and packaging, enclosing the Return Slip if the buyer is a business or enclosing the receipt if the buyer is an individual.

In case of commissioned products manufactured according to specific standards or products explicitly customized by the Buyer that are not validly delivered/picked up by the Buyer (within 60 days), SILWOOD Ltd. bares the right of retention of the down-payment, as the down-payment is the Buyer’s guarantee that they shall accept delivery of the product that has been modified, set up or manufactured following their own commission.

* In case of products temporarily out of stock, you shall be immediately notified via telephone call or email, as the delivery time may vary.

*SILWOOD Ltd. reserves the right to modify the payment methods and the shipping cost without any prior notification.

Exceptions from the right of withdrawal (returns)

The right of withdrawal does not apply and the buyer cannot exercise this right in the following circumstances:

  • For products that have been commissioned by the Buyer according to specific standards or are explicitly
  • For products that, following their delivery, due to their nature, are inextricably mixed with other elements.