Paying for your order can take place in the following ways: bank transfer, credit/debit card. The company hereby publicizes its Piraeus Bank bank account for banking transactions:

  • ΙΒΑΝ :GR 5501726060005606064079631
  • Bank Account:5606 – 064079 – 631

Relevant Legislation:In accordance with the Law N.4446/2016 article 69 §2 that has modified article 20 §3 of the Law 3842/2010 “Taxation elements/data/records of a total amount of five hundred (500) euro or more, issued for sales of goods or service provision to individuals, are to be settled by their recipients – the buyers of those goods or services- strictly with the use of card payment means or other electronic means of payment, including but not limited to bank transfer, payment account, electronic wallet.Cash is a forbidden payment method for those elements.”  Thus, orders of a total value higher than 500 euro including tax and further expenses shall be settled in one of the aforementioned payment methods.

The products on the SILWOOD SINGLE-MEMBERED Ltd. webpage are offered in retail prices including VAT.

The company has the right to modify the prices of its products. Any modification shall not affect any existing orders under process or those already shipped.

Please send us a copy of the bank transfer via e-mail at | (Larisa) (Volos) or contact us via telephone as soon as your payment is settled so that the shipping procedure can start.