Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is basically a floor of hard surface that really looks like wooden floor. In other words, Laminate flooring is made of real wood that has been up-cycled into particle boards.
Constructing Laminate
Laminate flooring
Although Laminate material has been present for years, the original idea in using it in floor construction was due its affordability.

Manufacturing Laminate material has gone a long way since its original form. Nowadays, there is a great range of options when it comes to Laminate flooring and each can satisfy every kind of aesthetics.

Why you should use
There are several reasons why one should opt for Laminate. Firstly, Laminate material has developed its durability and endurance.That is an important factor when it comes to flooring, especially in spaces occupied by children and pets.

One great advantage of Laminate floors is its easy installation compared to other types of flooring and the fact that it does not require maintenance for years to come. Generally, Laminate flooring installation is a swift and relatively clean process when completed by a professional.

Silwood|Laminate Flooring
  • durability and endurance
  • easy installation
  • more affordable than any other type of flooring
  • great range of colors
  • can be placed on any other type of surface
  • easily replaced